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Tree of Life Healing Arts Studio offers several types of massage, each customized to ensure your comfort and benefit.


Custom Massage             60 min. - $70.00;   90 min. - $100.00
Our custom massage integrates Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Neuromuscular modalities to provide a massage unique to the client's needs and preferences. 
Couple's Massage           60 min. - $130.00; 90 min. - $180.00
Full body massage for two.  Ideal for friends,couples,mothers and daughters or even fathers and sons.

Stress Zone                     30 min. - $40.00

The stress zone massage concentrates on the upper body aches and pains; Ideal for first time massage recipients

Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage          60 min - $80.00

Similar to hot stone massage, warm salt stones are used in the massage. Himalayan Salt is considered to be the purest and most beneficial salt that has been discovered.  Approximately 250 million years ago, energy from the sun dried up the primal sea.  Pressure from the formation of land masses above caused the residual minerals to be formed into pristine untouched salt crystals. These crystals are hand carved and polished into massage stones and offer the benefits of all 84 minerals and trace elements.

Massage Enhancements
  • Foot Treatment                       $15.00
  • Thai Herbal Compress added
    to Custom Massage                 $10.00

Pregnancy Massage

Certified Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy Massage Therapist. 

Pre-Natal                                       60 min. - $70.00
You will be placed in a comfortable, secure side-lying position to avoid undue pressure on a growing abdomen and the lower back, completely supported by pillows and properly draped.  Nurturing the Mother uses a combination of calming Swedish massage, gentle range of motion & stretching, deep-tissue work in the hip area. 
Pregnancy massage can help reduce the following discomforts:
      -  Fatigue                      - Lower back and abdominal pain
      -  Headaches                 - Swelling and edema
      -  Nausea                      - Leg pain and cramps
      -  Constipation               - Indigestion