Anna and Hal traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand in early 2019.  While there, Anna completed advanced training in Thai Massage at the world-renowned ITM (International Training Massage) School and training in Thai Herbal Compresses at Omsala Massage School.  Anna and Hal were also able to interact with the beautiful people of Chiang Mai and participate in other adventures.  Please enjoy the pictures below that chronicle our trip. (If you click on a specific picture it will appear enlarged.)

Anna's Advanced Training at ITM

Anna on her way to class in the school busITM School where Anna received advanced training in Thai MassageAnna ready for classAnna with one of her instructors

Class Book for Thai MassagePainting at the ITM SchoolThai Massage Advanced Stretching Class

ITM School Diploma. Advanced Thai Massage training.Anna receiving one of her diplomas from Chongkol (John) Setthakprn, Director at ITM.Anna receiving one of her diplomas from Chongkol (John) Setthakprn, Director at ITM.

Omsala Thai Herbal Compress Class

Sign at the Omsala school for THai Herbal Compresses.Some of the herbs we usedInstruction in Thai Herbal Compresses.Anna creating a compressWork area for Thai Herbal Compress class.Teacher with finished compressesDiploma for Thai Herbal Compress class

Cooking Class

Sammy - owned the farm and the cooking school we visited.The two chefs.Our Table for Food PreparationGreen Curry with ChickenSome of the herbs we used.
Food prep areaRice fields on the farm where our cooking class took place.Spring RollsSticky rice with mango


Bhubing Palace Gardens

EntranceFlowersMore Flowers

FlowerFlowers  in GreenhouseFlowers  in GreenhouseHuge TreeAnna and a new friend


Buddhist Temples

Steps up t the Mountain TempleDome at Mountain TempleInitiates House at Mountain TempleMountain TempleCourtyard of Mountain Temple

ShrineAncient shrineThere were temples like this almost every other block in Chiang MaiShirneOutside one of the temples


Interacting with Elephants

One of the girls we metHal made a friendAnna made a friend tooHal and Anna with one of the girlsEnjoyed meeting these magnificent creatures

Group picture


Our guides building the rafts we would use laterAnna is on top of the worldGoing down the river

Hill Tribe Village

The welcoming comitteeEvil Kneivel had nothing on this guyWeaving by hand in Thai  mountain villageAnna makes friends everywhere she goes


One of the plates at our family style dinner while cruising the river. Hal's fave!These mini-buses provided transportation around the cityAnna enjoyed shopping more than Hal didOne of the fruit plates we had with breakfast every morningOne of Hal's lunches and a delicious smoothieAt Sunday MarketThree Kings MonumentOne of the performers at the Traditional Thai Dance performance

Introducing characters for one of the performances. There is a monkey, a damsel, a villain, and a hero.The performance was in Thai but I am sure the hero saved the damselDancers at Thai Performance

Anna and Hal about town.One of the food marketsAnother picture of vendors at the Sunday Market

Anna enjoying lunch