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Regulations, Regulations, Regulations
Massageaphobias - What scares you?


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Regulations, Regulations, Regulations

In South Carolina, Massage Therapy is regulated by the state government as it is in most states.  Of course, I cannot speak for all massage therapists, but I believe Massage Therapy may be one of the few industries where most of the practitioners are in favor of government regulation in their profession.  There are several areas where this government oversight is important including initial licensure, continuing educational requirements, and standards of practice.  In states where massage therapy is regulated, the rules vary somewhat but let’s look at what is required in South Carolina.

Massageaphobias - What scares you?

As we approach Halloween and think about things that scare us, I thought it might be a good time to talk about “Massageaphobias” - fears people may have that prevent them from trying their first massage.  For many of you who are massage veterans this may be boring or humorous but there are many people who would enjoy or benefitf rom a massage that have never tried one because of some fear that they have.
Massageaphobia #1– “I don’t want to be naked in front of a stranger”
First of all, you will be covered or “draped” as we refer to it by sheets or other covering to preserve your modesty so you will not be naked.